[Grace Words] Wisdom: Necessity to Keep You from Falling

Grace words

Today’s topic: Wisdom: Necessity to Keep You from Falling is1 corin 1:21;24-25; 1Cor.2:6-8. One of the mystery of God’s Wisdom was ‘Christ on the Cross’, Jesus the practical wisdom of God on the cross. If the devil had known the end result, he might have terminated the process of Jesus dying for us. But the … Read more

[Grace words] There is Wisdom in Thanksgiving

Grace Words

…1Thess5:16-18 made us understand that there is Wisdom in Thanksgiving. Therefore, the ability to stay grateful in odd times shows your deep understanding about ‘thanksgiving’. In addition, the Wise stay grateful always cos one of the way to stay wiser is in the heart of ‘Gratitude’. Furthermore, God is moved to give more blessing once … Read more

[Grace words] Actions Speak Wisdom with Gift Omoruyi

Grace Words

The anchor scripture for today’s Grace Words is from Eph5:15-16. Could it be that Wisdom is only applicable to Words alone? More so,, Actions Speak Wisdom. Also, actions speaks Wisdom, When an individual exhibit the God-kind of Wisdom, he/she is not limited to just speaking wise words but acting (living) Wisely. Most importantly, ‘Actions’ is … Read more

[Grace words] God’s Wisdom Carries Strength that Births Victory

Grace Words by Gift Iyobosa

Wisdom is the power to see and the inclination to choose the best and highest goal, together with the surest means of attaining it.-J.I. Packer. Most importantly, God’s Wisdom carries strength that births victory. Knowledge is ‘light’, more so, understanding is ‘life’ to both knowledge and Wisdom , Wisdom is ‘strength’. There’s no carrier of … Read more

[Grace word 2]: Result of Wise Decision is Reflected in our Life

Grace word 2 - Wisdom by Gift Iyobosa

…Eph5:15-16… Wisdom is never hidden, it has a great reflection on the individual who possesses it. In addition, the lifestyle of an individual serve as a yardstick on how much wisdom possessed. More so, Every Decision birthed from God’s Wisdom always result to a productive action. NOTE: To add to the aforementioned; One greatest Virtue … Read more

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