[Grace word 1]: Wisdom by Gift Omoruyi Iyobosa

Hey Everyone! Grace Words is a daily dissemination of inspirations from our Heavenly Father (GOD). It comes as a series based on a monthly theme which is to help us understand the exact and intensely on what God will have us learn for the month. The drive of this is to see life impacted and transformed for God’s glory.

Omoruyi Gift Iyobosa hails from the City of Benin, Edo state. The last Child of 5. An ardent Follower of Christ. She’s so interested in Talks on Women, reading, dancing and writing. Graduated from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State where she studied History and International Studies. She loves to learn more about God. By the Grace of God, she’s the convener of GOD ORDAINED WOMEN (GOW) and GRACE WORDS.

…James 3:13-17…
It’s quite Sadden on how some individual still think that “If you can maneuver your way in an ungodly manner is seen as wisdom” but to what extent can that so Called ‘Wisdom’ last.

It’s so true that many persons gave their own definition to wisdom; Some persons sees it as being “smart in a tricky way” while some see it as a gift given directly from God-(Which is the tangible definition).

Note: Wisdom resides in ‘Son of men’ but that doesn’t make it an earthly virtue. Earthly Virtues are limited to the physical but that which is Supernatural penetrates through Spiritual to physical. You can never have the God-kind of Wisdom and not operate on a high level of discernment. With the God-Kind Wisdom, you can never be limited! Good morning God’s Treasure

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