[Grace Words] Wisdom: Necessity to Keep You from Falling

Today’s topic: Wisdom: Necessity to Keep You from Falling is1 corin 1:21;24-25; 1Cor.2:6-8. One of the mystery of God’s Wisdom was ‘Christ on the Cross’, Jesus the practical wisdom of God on the cross. If the devil had known the end result, he might have terminated the process of Jesus dying for us. But the so called ‘wisdom of the devil’, shew the limit he could know or perceive.

However, the aforementioned, shows the depth of God’s wisdom and shows the shallowness of earthly wisdom. God’s Wisdom wasn’t just for the now but for generations till eternity. But the wisdom of this world is ‘myopic in nature’ limited to the now alone.

Importantly, the Only true wise God, saw the necessity of ‘wisdom’ to keep HIS children from falling into Sin. The Power of Wisdom penetrates through every areas of life.

Note: Trusting in God’s wisdom is placing yourself at the peak of discernment and living the fulfilled life granted to you in Jesus. You are fulfilled when you dwell and genuinely believe in the wisdom of God that was demonstrated on the Cross.

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