[Grace Words] Lack of Wisdom is a Result of no Knowledge

Lack of wisdom is a result of no knowledge. More so, Wisdom as a supernatural gift, when you believe in her(the Bible refers wisdom as -She), she works in you and work for you.

Furthermore, when the Bible clearly states ‘My people perish cos of lack of Knowledge’ (Hosea4:6). This is a clear statement on how knowledge is so important to ‘living’. Many other Virtue builds on Knowledge; such as Wisdom (the ability to distinguish a thing rightly), Understanding, excellence.

Wisdom is dependent on Knowing, it’s true Wisdom is in God and He gives Wisdom. However, your ability to stay wiser is based on how much of God’s Word you know. Also, it depend on how much Godly knowledge you’ve accessed. Remember, Lack of wisdom is a result of no knowledge.

NOTE: Living the ‘I don’t know’ kind of lifestyle always, is in a way driving wisdom from his/her domain. Therefore, seek God to always stay knowledgeable on everything He will have you do. In addition, understand them rightly so as to apply the right wisdom. Seeking wisdom without knowledge and Understanding is never a complete request. So, ask God for the tripartite virtue and live a life worth Glorifying Abba.

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