[3: Mind Refresher] Too Short by Janet Uchenna Mgbo

Too Short by Janet Uchenna Mgbo

Too Short (Lk. 19:1-6) by Janet Uchenna Mgbo is the title for today’s Mind Refresher series. Man is beautifully and fearfully created in God’s image. Although, there are people with different skin color, height, size of the body and so many difference. Even at that, man is still created in God’s image. (Gen. 1:26).

Additionally, God seek to have a relationship with man always and this explains why God spends time with Adam in the cool of the day, in the garden of Eden (Gen.3:8). Remember, sin destroys the sweet relationship between God and man. On the other hand, this makes man “too short ” to ascend the holy hill of the Lord.  In the same way, like Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-6, sins makes us “too short” and unable to look at Jesus. Also, Zacchaeus was not satisfied with his state as a short man and so he decided to climb a sycamore tree to see Jesus.

Therefore, child of God, we need to climb the sycamore tree of mercy as Zacchaeus did, in order to enjoy or restore our relationship with Jesus. From our text we can see that Zacchaeus had Jesus as his Quest. In brief, mercy is a bridge to get to God. So, ask God for mercy today!


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