[Grace Words] Appreciate Who You Are by Gift Omoruyi

Grace Words - Appreciate Who You Are by Gift Omoruyi

Appreciate Who You Are is a topic that will make you feel better of yourself. Undoubtedly, our world is full of unhealthy competitions. This is because we have no knowledge of who we truly are, what we have inside of us and keeping up with the trend. More so, this unhealthy rival has caused a whole lot. Many have gone to the length of eliminating one’s life, demeaning self, total lost of hope on ability to achieving success.

However, this unhealthy competitions has gone deep into the ‘being’ of many. More so, it has gone to the extent that their uniqueness are not appreciated or known by them. I’ve come to realize that strife is a seed of envy. Moreover, many people envy all because they don’t know who they are. If everyone is engaged doing that which he/she is created for, there will be less envy and strife in our world.

In addition, many just want to be like that popular figure out there without following God’s standard. But you can also be a popular figure too; if only you set a Godly standard for yourself. Learn to appreciate your being and invest more in adding value to yourself. Don’t live your life all because you have breath; live it with a PURPOSE all to the Glory of God. We’re created by God to fit into a plan on HIS agenda but you can only do that uniquely. Live life according to God’s big picture for your existence. Yes! Everyone created by God has a big picture to fit in.


Before God created you, HE has a big picture for your existence which can come to reality only if you know who you are and what you carry. HE is so intentional about you; so live the God-life and not one ‘popular figure life’ out there. Don’t forget that You can be a popular figure also if only you know what God has uniquely placed in you. Finally, I feel and believe the world seek for something new and not just the ‘trend’. Following the trend doesn’t bring growth to life but doing something uniquely distinct (following God’s agenda for life) makes the difference and provide growth! Therefore, stay true in developing your UNIQUENESS; there lies growth.

This month theme will be on APPRECIATING WHO YOU ARE -SELF-WORTH. Written by Gift Omoruyi. Click here for previous Series

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