The Leader’s Toolsbox by Love Adubiaran

The Leader's Toolsbox by Love Adubiaran

The Leader’s Toolsbox by Love Adubiaran is a great that will inspire everyone both young and old.


The saying goes that everyone is a leader; the difference is that some are with portfolios, others are not. More so, a wise African once said that the problem with leadership in Africa is that those in power have no ideas while those with ideas have no powers.

It therefore goes to state that the progress of an individual, a group or even a nation is not guaranteed without the emergence of effective and efficient leaders.

In addition, the popular axiom, “youths are the leaders of tomorrow” thus place this burden more on the younger generation with the believe that they are vibrant, strong, innovative and bold.

However, so many temptations bedevil young leader; ranging from balancing leadership with other responsibilities, handling the realities and tendencies of the unguarded moments of a leader and many more.

So, in the book (book title) the author draws from her 7 years of experience as a youth leader in some capacities and shares with the reader some ordeals and pitfalls of leadership. Furthermore,  this book promises to serve as a guide to avoid past mistakes of some leaders across different Keep your mind open and glued as you journey


LOVE ADUBIARAN is young and passionate about building the distinct Kingdom mindset in young people especially through speaking, writing and acting. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass communication from the prestigious Olabisi Ona banjo University (OOU), Ago-lwoye, Ogun State.

Having served in over 10 leadership capacities both in religious bodies, social and academic sectors within the space of 7 years, she’s out to pour out her quota to help young leaders like her come to terms with the dynamics and pitfalls of leadership, especially on campus. She has served as the President of The True Apostolic Students’ Fellowship(OOU), once an Assistant General Secretary of the Joint Believers Summit (OOU), Assistant General Secretary of the Nigerian Christian Carpers’ Fellowship, Bauchi State Chapter, amongst others.

Her areas of interest includes but not limited to: Purpose Discovery, and Relationship matters.


Chapter One: Introduction to the Box                              1

Chapter Two: Personal Discovery and Development      8

  1. Mental Development 10
  2. 2. Social Development 12
  3. Physical Development  12
  4. 4. Spiritual Development 13

Chapter Three: Followership                                        16

  1. Honour
  2. 2. Service as Unto God

Chapter Four: Team Work                                              23

Consider Delegation                                                 26

Set Stretchy Goals                                                    28

Give Power Out                                                        30

Reiterate the Shared Mission                                   31

Chapter Five:  Shun Secret Sins                                     35

  1. Dealing With Our Tendencies                                 41
  2. 2. Rightly Handling The Opposite Sex                    42
  3. The Right Company                                               43


  1. 4. Accountability                                                    43

Chapter Six: Dear Unsaved Leader                            47




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