[Audio+Lyrics] Who is Like You by Ferdinand Nweke

Most anticipated song “Who is Like You by Ferdinand Nweke” is finally out. Ferdinand Nweke featured Henry Chidi on this very track. More so, the song, unveils the greatness of our God. This include God’s infinite creative, redemptive power and the glory of His coming. Also, this song will thrill your heart with awe, and your faith will soar as you join in worship of the changeless Almighty (the One who is endless in power and authority).

Dr. Ferdinand Nweke trained as a medical doctor at the University of Nigeria. He is the General Coordinator of Eternity Ministries. He is also the International Director of Truth Institute. In addition, the advanced leadership training program: School of Divine Priorities (SODIP), equips marketplace and faith leaders. This is to provide transformational leadership in ministry, corporate and non-profit circles.

Furthermore, Ferdinand Nweke is a member of the Global Steering Team. He is also Africa Coordinator for Global Great Commission Network (GGCN). GGCN is a collaborative effort of international agencies, organizations and individuals focused on making disciples of every nation. Together with a dynamic team, he developed the “Missions By Multiplication” and “Focused Engagement Strategy” models for engaging the global harvest.

In conclusion, Ferdinand has created several life-changing courses including School of Life; School of Kingdom Protocols and Life Paradigm Seminar (LPS). Also, he has authored several books, including “The Indwelling”, and “Marketplace Ministry.” His personal life motto is, “A journey in an infinite God can have no limits”. He lives in Abuja, Nigeria with his wife and children.


Lyrics Who is like You? by Ferdinand Nweke ft. Henry Chidi

Who is like You
Maker of heaven
Lord of the land
Lord of the sea
Holy and true
faithful and able
Lord of all time and Eternity
Eternity… oh… ye…

Who is like You
Boundless in mercy
Ancient of days
fire ablaze
great is Your praise
Your name amazes
Lord of true love and abounding grace
Your grace abound oh…

What can’t You do
Changless Almighty
Same now and then
and forever you will be
(forever you will be)
Mighty in deed
awesome in wonder
endless in power and authority
yea… authority

King of glory, great in power

You are exalted
King of glory, great in power
(You rule in power, rule in greatness)
You are exalted
(You rule in authority)

King of glory, great in power
(Your power extend through all nations)
You are exalted
King of glory, great in power
(You reign 4x)
You are exalted

oh… oh… oh oh oh
(You reign…)

Soon You will come
Master in glory
to rule and reign
the world and all men
Nations will fall
kingdoms will crumble
but of Your reign
there will be no end
No… end
No… end

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