I Will Rise by Joshua Goodmus [DOWNLOAD MP3]

I Will Rise by Joshua Goodmus is a song that talks about the need for those who had lost relationship with God to get back to Him. Also, making things right can only be by the help of Jesus Christ. So, trust God as you take the bold step to go back to God ask Him to forgive you your sins and restore you.


Joshua Goodmus is a music minister who grew up as a muslim but gave His life to Christ at age 23. He has been on a journey with Christ since then. Also, he decided to use his gifts and talents to glorify Jesus on earth. And also to tell the world who Jesus is and what He can do.


Lyrics of I Will Rise by Joshua Goodmus

Yea ….. (Tongues)
Thank you Jesus
When the thought of my past stared at me
I saw how irresponsible I had been
What a life I had lived
So bad, not good to see
My attitude put me in prison
But thank God for the grace that sets me free
Behold I was blind but now I can see
I will make things right, I will treat people right
With the help of Christ Jesus
Yes I will
Oh oh oh oh oh
I’m back to my Father’s house
Oh oh oh oh oh
Never will I go back
I will rise up
And I will make things right
I will rise up
And I will make things right
[Repeat Verse1 & chorus]
You are my Father, You are my lover
You are my everything
I have been looking for
And I will make things right
So happy, I promise
Though I have done things so wrong
But I’ll make it so right
And I’ll tell the whole world
That Jesus is lifeeeee Uh yeah, That Jesus is lifeeeee Oh oh
That Jesus is lifeeeee, That Jesus is life
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