Turkey Government Scholarship 2024: Apply Now for Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Programs!

Turkey Government Scholarship 2024 Detailed Application Process

Attention international students! Attention young adults! Attention young professionals! Are you ready to unlock your potentials with this incredible opportunity in Turkey? Get ready to start or even continue your higher learning with the prestigious Turkish Government Scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025! The Turkey Government Scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025 is now open for application submission for all subjects of Bachelors, Masters, and PhD admissions in all over Turkish Government Universities for international students. This Turkish Government scholarship 2024 batch is available to those international students interested in pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees at renowned Turkish Universities. Picture yourself studying in breath-taking campuses, surrounded by a rich cultural heritage and warm Turkish hospitality. Whether you dream of pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree, this scholarship program opens doors to renowned Turkish universities across the nation. Start or continue your career in a vibrant academic environment, where innovation and knowledge meet to shape the future for you. Turkey is a melting pot of diverse academic disciplines, offering countless subjects to fuel your intellectual curiosity. From engineering to arts, business to medicine, the possibilities are endless.


Are you excited to embark on this thrilling journey? Great! But don’t forget, preparation is key to success. As the announcement date approaches, it’s time to gather your documents and showcase your potential. Craft a powerful personal statement that reflects your ambitions, achievements, and the unique perspective you bring to the table.   To stand out from the crowd, highlight your extracurricular activities, community involvement, and any research or projects you’ve undertaken. Demonstrate your passion, determination, and potential to thrive in an international academic setting.   Remember, this scholarship offers more than just financial support. It is an opportunity to broaden your horizons, build lifelong connections, and gain a global perspective.   The Turkey Government Scholarships 2024 batch, also known as Türkiye Burslari Scholarships, are unique in several ways. These scholarships offer a unique and student-friendly approach to international education, making them an attractive opportunity for aspiring scholars.   One remarkable feature of these scholarships is that they do not require applicants to provide IELTS exam certification. This means that students can apply without worrying about meeting the usual English language proficiency requirements. However, it’s important to note that having a certain level of proficiency in either Turkish or English is still considered advantageous.   What sets Türkiye Burslari Scholarships apart is that the application process is entirely free of charge. This accessibility ensures that every student, regardless of their financial background, has an equal opportunity to apply for these scholarships. So, if you have been dreaming of studying in Turkey, this is an excellent chance to pursue your educational goals!   Moreover, Türkiye Burslari Scholarships cater to a diverse range of academic interests. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree, these scholarships offer an extensive selection of subjects to choose from. This means that you have the flexibility to study a field that aligns with your passions and future career aspirations.    

What the Scholarship Cover

Scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025 offer a comprehensive range of benefits designed to provide substantial support to international students throughout their educational journey in Turkey. The scholarship covers the following set of benefits for the batch starting in September 2024:
  1. University and Department Placement:

    • Assistance in securing placement at a Turkish university and department aligned with your chosen field of study.
  2. Full Tuition Coverage:

    • Complete coverage of tuition fees for the duration of your undergraduate, master’s, or Ph.D. program.
  3. Monthly Stipends:

    • Financial support in the form of monthly stipends to cover living expenses during your studies in Turkey.
  4. Health Insurance:

    • Comprehensive health insurance coverage to ensure your well-being and provide access to medical services.
  5. Accommodation:

    • Assistance in finding suitable accommodation, whether on-campus or off-campus, fostering a conducive living environment.
  6. Travel Expenses:

    • Coverage of travel expenses, including round-trip airfare, to facilitate your journey to and from Turkey.
  7. Free Academic and Cultural Programs:

    • Access to academic and cultural programs that enrich your learning experience and contribute to your overall personal and academic development.
  8. Free Turkish Language Courses:

    • Language support through free Turkish language courses, promoting effective communication and integration within the Turkish academic and cultural context.
  These benefits are designed to provide comprehensive support to students during their educational journey in Turkey.

Language Requirements for the Scholarship

English and Turkish language proficiency is crucial for students applying to programs offered in both languages. To meet the language requirements, applicants may need to provide results from internationally recognized language tests like TOEFL or IELTS. For Turkish language programs specifically, a C1 Level Certificate in Turkish Proficiency is required. However, even if applicants are unable to meet these language requirements, there is still an opportunity to be awarded the scholarship. In such cases, students will undergo a one-year Turkish language course to enhance their proficiency. This language proficiency requirement ensures that students have the necessary skills to fully engage with their chosen program and succeed academically. It also promotes cultural exchange and understanding, as students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in both English and Turkish languages. Emphasis is placed on the importance of language proficiency because the programs aim to create a diverse and inclusive learning environment where students can effectively communicate and collaborate with their peers and faculty members.

What type of degree programmes are offered?

The Türkiye Government Scholarships open doors to a diverse array of degree programs, catering to various academic interests and career aspirations. These scholarships cover the following types of degree programs:
  1. Bachelor’s Programs:
    • Explore undergraduate studies in a wide range of disciplines, from sciences and humanities to engineering and business.
  2. Master’s Programs:
    • Pursue advanced studies at the master’s level, delving deeper into your chosen field of expertise and building specialized knowledge.
  3. D. Programs:
    • Engage in doctoral research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in your respective field. Ph.D. programs offer a platform for in-depth exploration and specialization.
  4. Researchers and Academics (Through Research Scholarships):
    • For those actively involved in research or academia, Türkiye Scholarships also extend opportunities for furthering research and academic pursuits through dedicated Research Scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the Turkey Government Scholarship 2024 are as follows:

Academic Achievement:

    • Undergraduate candidates must have a minimum academic achievement of 70%.
    • Graduate candidates should have at least 75% academic achievement.
    • For candidates in Health Sciences (Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy), a minimum of 90% academic achievement is required.

Age Criteria:

    • Undergraduate applicants should be under the age of 21.
    • For master’s programs, applicants must be under the age of 30.
    • Doctorate applicants should be under the age of 35.
    • Research Scholarship applicants must be under the age of 50.


    • Citizens from all countries are eligible, except Turkish citizens or those who have lost Turkish citizenship.
    • The scholarship is open to graduates or those who will graduate at the end of the current academic year (before August 2024).
    • Researchers and academics can also apply.


    • Individuals currently enrolled in Turkish universities at the same level of education for which they are applying for the scholarship are not eligible.

Step-by-Step Simple Application Submission Process: Turk Government Scholarship 2024:

To apply as an international student for a government of Turkey scholarship 2024 batch, follow these steps:
  1. Create an account on theTürkiye Scholarships Application System.
  2. Upload necessary documents.
  3. Add extracurricular activities and experiences.
  4. Choose your preferred Turk university and subject program.
  5. Draft a letter of intent
  6. Review and submit your application.

Required Documents for Application Submission:

Gear up for success by ensuring you have all the necessary documents ready for a seamless Turkish Government Scholarship application submission. Here’s a checklist of the required documents:
  • Identity Document (ID card or Passport): Provide a clear copy of your official identification to verify your personal details.
  • Recent Photograph: Attach a recent, high-quality photograph that complies with the specified guidelines for identification purposes.
  • Exam Results: Include official records of any relevant exams required for your chosen program, showcasing your academic achievements.
  • Diploma or Graduation Certificate: Submit a copy of your diploma or graduation certificate to validate your educational background.
  • Academic Transcripts: Furnish detailed transcripts of your academic records, reflecting your performance and achievements throughout your previous studies.
  • GRE, GMAT, SAT Results (if required): If your chosen program mandates standardized test scores, provide official results to strengthen your application.
  • Language Proficiency Test Results: Include proof of your language proficiency, whether in English or Turkish, based on the language of instruction for your desired program.
  • Research Proposal (for Ph.D.): For Ph.D. applicants, prepare a well-articulated research proposal outlining your intended area of study and research objectives.
  • Publications/Patents Copy of Previous Research (for Ph.D.): If applicable, include copies of any publications or patents resulting from your previous research work.
Ensure each document is accurate, up-to-date, and meets the specified requirements. With these essential documents in hand, you’ll be well on your way to a successful application for the Turkish Government Scholarship. Take the initiative, gather your materials, and make your academic dreams a reality!  

Application Deadline for Turkey Gov Scholarship 2024

Act now to secure your chance for a transformative academic journey in Turkey! The clock is ticking, and the deadline for submitting your application for the Turkish Government Scholarship is rapidly approaching on February 20, 2024. Seize this opportunity to pave the way for your educational aspirations. Don’t miss out – submit your application before the deadline and embark on a life-changing experience in the vibrant academic landscape of Turkey!

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