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About the Artist

Minister Fuhnwi is Cameroonian and Uganda based Pastor/Music minister. Denis Fuhnwi popularly known as Fuhnwi makes his entrance into the Gospel music with his debut album “Testify”. Furthermore, Testify Album by Minister Fuhnwi is a song that was given by God to the minister according to his testimony.
Fuhnwi is a passionate lover and servant of God through the grace of Jesus Christ. Also, He has been serving in parts of East Africa since 2017 as assistant pastor. In addition, he has other professional and social duties.
He has always been an avid lover of music and was officially ushered into the music ministry in Easter 2018. Also, the Holy Spirit has since inspired him with a rich collection of songs.

About the Album

The album “Testify” is a deep rendition of praise and worship to our God, Lord, Saviour, Uplifter, Defender, Strength, Light. More so, the song resounds the hope and new life of glory possible through Jesus Christ even amid the storms of life. Beside, It stresses the victory we have on earth in and through Jesus Christ as we run the race of faith. This race of faith is towards Heaven, our ultimate focus, destination, and crown.
While sharing the inspiration/Story behind his latest body of work, Fuhnwi said: “On the night of the eave of Easter Sunday 2018, I was in divine fellowship receiving from God. This message I was to deliver to his people of the church where I was fellowshipping and assisting in pastoring. More so, God showed me a vision of Him using me to minister across the world through music. Also, the Holy Spirit instantly gave me a song “He has resurrected me”.
Easter Sunday was so wonderful as we sang and danced from our hearts and spirits to the glory of God. This song was the one God had given to me the previous night. After the service, the pastor urged me to go to the studio immediately and that is how the album “Testify” was born. God has been inspiring me since then through the Holy Spirit. Also, these are very vast repertoire of songs, some of which appear in the album by divine guidance.
I have personally experienced and I keep on experiencing the unspeakable and indescribable love, grace and mercy of God. In addition, God gives me wondrous gifts including the miracle of salvation, the pearl of love, the gift of life. It is the privilege of favour and the honour of divine grace”.
The Holy-Spirit inspired album “Testify ” is a testimony of the infinite goodness of God. To add to it, it’s to say the immeasurable love of Jesus Christ.



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