Light of my life By Babpsalm (prod: samsol)

Babatope Samuel Ayobamidele (a.k.a. Babpsalm) is a Nigerian Gospel singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He has been privilege to minister in many Christan gatherings, Babpsalm hails from Ogotun, Ekiti State.

He had his Higher National Diploma in Estate Management at the Federal Polytechnic Ede and has his PGD Professional Certificate in Project Management among others.

This is his first single titled “the Light of my life”, and its a pure worship sound that reveals the dimensions of the Lord Jesus Christ as a the Lion in whose order we are created and of His Lamb dimension through which we express His love, He proceeds directly from the Father (John 1:1,4,14).
Whosoever have Him receive the life that gives light, and whosoever follow Him shall not walk in darkness (John 8:12, 12:46).

His love for music and writing songs can be attributed to his passion for God and his alignment to His sound.

A contemporary Gospel Singer, Song Writer ‘Babpsalm‘ releases a new song titled ‘‘the Light of my life’‘ based on a nudging he received from God being a thanksgiving to God’s faithfulness towards him over years till date.


Light of my life By Babpsalm (Lyrics)

You are the Lion
You are the Lamb
The word of the Father
The Light of my Life
I worship You.

You are the Pillar that holds my life
You are the source of my strength (3ce)
You are the Lifter of men
The Helper of destiny (2ce)

You are the giver of true life
The Way, the Truth and life
You are the secret of my light
I reverence You oh Lord

You are the Lion and
You are the Lamb
The word of the Father
The light of my life
I worship You

The light of my life
I worship You . .

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