Lessons from the ‘Scar’ From God Ordained Women (GOW)

Lessons from the ‘Scar’. Yes! We’re humans, not 💯% perfect, except in Jesus we’re made fully perfect!. Our frailty hunts us day by day except we come to the reality that, in God we can overcome them.

Frailities are signs to show we’re humans; many go astray based on the weakness of MAN while some return by Mercy to God in brokenness. But, However, before our response to the call of Mercy, going astray might have dented in us an unforgettable mark (memories), for instance: ‘the Prodigal Son’.

Scars are result of how much we fell to ‘SELF’ (Flesh), it could be avoided if we ever decide in time to follow and obey Jesus’ leading. No matter the transformation that took place after the event, It takes the grace of God to forget the scars that came along with it.
Moreover, Scars comes with two sides: Depressions and Lessons; it is always in the court of the Individual to choose which he/she will dwell with.

Undoubtedly, choosing Depression makes the scars ever new in the heart and burdensome in the mind, but lessons, teaches you the supposed actions that should have been taken and also give you the ‘move on’ notion.

There are several lessons to be learnt from scars to mention a few:


Disobedience, indiscipline, pride, ignorance… all could be avoided if only Obedience to Instructions, heeding to advices(Godly) and looking out for others experiences were strictly adhered and observed.

It could be an eye-opener, to press for the big picture.

It could be a call for intimacy with God; but never wait to get a scar before you see reasons to love God passionately.

To place you on the right track. Most things just have to happen, in other to get EXPERIENCIAL KNOWLEDGE.


Sometimes scars might not majorly be, because you deserve it, but because of what God has placed in your hands to do(an assignment either a ministry or whatsoever) and also for lives attached to you for liberation. N:B: This happens in some cases, just for you to pass the ‘message’ powerfully to the next generation.

In conclusion, No matter how deep a scar might be, God is so interested in whipping it off as though, it never happened but HE places in you a take-home lesson, that will help you stay true and also save others plying same route.

GOD has healed you, You’re free indeed by the Precious blood of JESUS!. Just stay true to your lessons and changes and help others out or not to ply same. Mercy avails, in such a way that, what created the scar never happened. Stay blessed lovelies.

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