[Audio+Lyrics] Grace by NSE Obong Blessing Undie

Nse Obong Blessing

I tried to capture the extraordinary extravagant grace of God in this. I came from very humble beginnings and I know the grace of God is taking me to heights I never even dreamt of. Mighty grace, sufficient in all situations. _NSE Obong Blessing Undie


Lyrics of GRACE by Obong Blessing Undie

I’m not yet where I want to be
But I’m not where I was before
I’ve come this far by grace
His grace will take me
To where He wants me to be
His grace is more than enough
His grace, His grace is sufficient

[Verse 1]
Grace and truth just came to me
In the person of Jesus
He bought me and delivered me
And made me His own
In great trials and temptations
He’s always been there
For His grace will see me through
Yes His grace holds my hands
Yes His grace is more than enough
[Rep chorus]

[Verse 2]
The greatest truth I’ve ever known is Jesus
His grace will keep me till I see
His precious face
The outpouring of His love and power
Has been my stay
In good and bad times
In sickness or in health
In plenty or in need
His grace is more than enough
[Rep chorus]

I know His grace , (I know His grace) is sufficient
I’m sure
Abundant grace,
Abounding grace
Sufficient grace
Thank you Lord
His grace, His grace is sufficient


  1. Praise God for his beautiful sister of ours. A brilliant surgeon and talented singer, using her gifts to serve God.

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