Ese by Shayour (Thank You) [Audio+Video]

Gospel music minister Ejilude A. Olusayo also known as Shayour releases the single “Ese” from her repertoire. Ese by Shayour is a song of praise to the Almighty God. Ese is a Yoruba word which means thank you.

More so, Shayour is uniquely gifted with a beautiful soprano voice that sends her sounds ricocheting through every fiber of her listeners. In addition, she is an anointed minstrel, a Gospel music minister, a worship leader, vocal coach and a songwriter. Beside, Her musical influenced is largely her dad who was also her trainer from a tender age.

She has been a choir leader for several churches. Also, Shayour is the founder of Focus Ladies Int’l, she is the convener of Worship Stream and When Women Worship. Finally, she was the 2nd runner up on SelahAfrik Next Rated Gospel artiste Challenge for the month of September 2020.




LYRICS of Ese by Shayour


Oh oh oh ah
Oh oh oh ah
Oh oh oh ah


I think about your greatness and the love bestowed on Me
Wonderful everlasting king
Hu hu hu
My righteousness my dwelling place
Who am I that you are mindful of me
I give you all the praise
give you all the glory


Ese o ese o(thank you) (thank you)
Atobiju oba(the greatest king)
Ese oo(thank you)


[Verse 2]

Oh oh oh
Your mercy surrounds me like a shield
Your presence is my victory
From glory to glory you leadeth me
My refuge Alabo mi
Who am I that you are mindful of me
I give you all the praise
I give you all the glory

[Repeat Chorus]

Ese o ese o
Oba mi agbalagba oye(Ancient of days)
Iwo lo nko mi yo ninu ewu gbogbo (you delivered me from every evil)
Atobiju oba(the greatest king)
Ese oo(thank you)

Ese o(thank you)

We give you all the glory
Ope mi mare oo(this is my Thanksgiving)
O fi mi si le(you never leave me) o ko mi sile( nor forsake me)
Oun duro timi nigbagbogbo(you are always with me)

Hey hey
Ese o(thank you)
Atobiju oba (the greatest king)
Ese o


[Repeat intro]

I have come to give you the glory

You’ve been so so good to me

You’ve been so so kind to me

My rock, my hope, my shield

Ruler of the world

This praise is for you
alone and alone

This is my sacrifice

[Repeat intro]

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