Don’t Give Up! Keep The Hope, Maketh not Ashamed

Don’t Give Up! Keep The Hope, Maketh not Ashamed because there is time for everything under Heaven (Eccl.3). We struggles most time in life because we want things to happen in our own time. Also, we may truly be correct and genuine with what we received in the secret place. But the truth is that, until “the time” appointed by the God of Heaven, nothing will show up. More so, if you dare force the door, you may end up being an enemy of God.
It is in “His time” He (El-Shaddai) makes all things beautiful – Ecclesiastes 3:11.

All things are yours in Christ Jesus if you will “Keep the Hope” not only for the some sect but for all including you. Colossian 1:27 – For it has pleased God to tell his people that the riches and glory of Christ are for us (Gentiles), too. For this is the secret: Christ lives in you, and this is your assurance that you will share in his glory (Christ in you, the hope of glory).


The Hope never disappoint. If you have the Hope, congratulations. The Hope is beyond what you think, the Hope is Christ. More so, whenever you hear the Spirit of the Lord telling you to Keep the Hope, you should be conscious of this reality because it’s the gateway to your Glory.

Christ is the Hope of Glory, this Consciousness in you unlock more Grace and Glory for your life. Just hold on to Him. Every other hope only vanishes as time goes on without a guarantee of Glory, only “the Hope (Christ)” in you can guarantee glory and a fair haven.

In conclusion, if you have not receive this hope, I urge you to do so by calling on the name of the Lord. Therefore, invite Him to come in, to rule in your life as Lord and order your steps as you live on till the end. That’s all, then watch out for a “New Dawn”.

Finally, if you have Him in you already, do well to keep the Hope till the end. Remain Blessed in Jesus Name. Remember, Don’t Give Up, trust God.

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