[Audio] Pamilerin by Linanuels

Linanuels is a song writer, singer, artist and a worship leader who is out with a brand new single called Pamilerin. Pamilerin by Linanuels is a Yoruba which simply mean “God has made me to laugh“. According to the artist, the song is summarize with the statements below:

“Those thoughts came to mind as I reflected on Sarah’s response to the birth of her son, Isaac. By this time her husband, Abraham, was one hundred years old and she, ninety. Not being able to bear children in her younger days, it was now humanly impossible for her to conceive in her twilight years. The narrative affirmed, “Now Abraham and Sarah were old, well advanced in years; she was past [the age of] childbearing” (Genesis 18:11). But, the narrative change when God confirmed His word and Sarah said God has made me to laugh that all that hear may laugh with me… oluwapamilerinayo!!”


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