Living Sacrifice by Mike Okoye [MP3 DOWNLOAD]

Living Sacrifice by Mike Okoye

The first beautiful; Living Sacrifice by Mike Okoye is out. Mike Okoye is a multitalented dynamic minister with passion for revival and change to God’s glory.  He is a public health practitioner with zeal and passion for revival in the Church. Beside, he has also authored several books and also a member of the CCRN. More so, Mike Okoye is married to Barr. Genevieve Okoye. They are blessed with children and currently live in FCT, Abuja.

Furthermore, he recently discovered a strong call from God to sing down the glory of Jesus in our transient world. This has birthed the “Jesus Dynamic Praise Project (JDPP)“. His vision is also to spread the gospel through songs which also creates a powerful channel for the flow of God’s power for salvation, signs, wonders and miracles in his generation to God’s glory.

The hallmark of this vision is to ensure that God’s people are blessed and inspired through Spirit-filled songs received from God.
Stay blessed as you stay tuned in faith and expectations.




LYRICS OF Living Sacrifice by Mike Okoye


Oh….Lord, I am Your temple,

A Sacrifice for You….



I give my life to You

I give my heart to You

I want to burn for You

I am living sacrifice (x2)



All I See is You

All I want is You

All I have is You

I’m a living sacrifice


All I see is You

All I want is You-eh

All I have is You



I’m living sacrifice……!!!!!!!

I’ m living sacrifice.

Jesus I want to burn for You

I’ m living sacrifice……!!!!!!

I’ m living sacrifice.





A living sacrifice……!!!!!!!

A burning sacrifice.

I’m Your Temple oh Lord


I’m desperate for You

I’m thirsty Lord for You

I yield my life to You

I’m a living sacrifice

I give my cares to You

My future is in You

I surrender all to You

I’m a living sacrifice







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